Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone!! We had a great holiday season. Having a long vacation is very unusual with us. But this holiday we got straight 10 days off. Just enough for the preparations, enjoying the holiday and visiting the love ones.

My husband Edward and I spent our first new year together simply but very memorable. We prepared some food, fruits and sweets. My husband was very funny because he prepared a lot of superstitious effects, he puts sugar, rice, salt and garlic on a small plate as part of traditions. He says it would give luck for the coming year. He also put some coins in every window and our pockets as well. We watched fireworks and play audio CD with loud speakers. After midnight, we had our first meal for 2009.

The quick page I used was a freebie from MLWCUSTOM DESIGNS. Thank you so much...

This one is a happy new year quick page from ndesigns. Thank you for the freebies.